Inbound Marketing

We believe in making a statement, creating experiences and getting results. We believe in making your business grow and we’re here to help you do that by taking a new direction in digital marketing.

Social Media Management

The greatest story ever told won’t be remembered if it’s not told correctly. Let Duo manage your social media and tell your story to the audience that will bring you business and lasting connections.

Promotional Product Strategy

When you need a promotional product, we don’t just flip through a catalog to find what you need- we brainstorm, prototype and create an item that will stand out and be remembered and create an experience for your customer.

Why do I need Social Media?

Many have asked, and often times this question goes mostly unanswered. We want to cut through the fluff and nonsense that you hear about social media marketing and tell you what it really means and why it matters to your business. We’ve boiled it down to the essence of what social media has to offer for your business and how to use it.

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The Benefit of Corporate Gifts

People have been using promotional products as a marketing tactic for decades. Many think that the promotional industry will fade away and become irrelevant. We see promotional products as an opportunity to create an experience for your customers in the real world while simultaneously engaging them in the digital world. We’ve put together a white paper dedicated to explaining what makes promotional marketing so great and how to make it work for your business.

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