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May 2013 - Duo Marketing Group

May 2013 - Duo Marketing Group

5 Steps to Set-Up a Company Facebook Page

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So you’ve decided to take a step into using digital media for your business by making a facebook page for your business. You’ve probably heard that social media works, but you’re not sure how. You and all of your friends use it and now you want to capitalize on it and get exposure through this free medium of social interaction. But you may not know where to begin or what works. In this blog post we will walk you through 5 simple steps on how to set up a facebook business page.

Step 1: Create a Page

To create a page click on the “Pages” section found on the left hand side of your facebook homepage. When you click it will bring you to a screen like this: How to Set Up a Facebook Page

You’ll need to choose the kind of page that best fits your business. If you are a local store or business where customers come to your location for services or transactions you probably want to be a “Local Business or Place” otherwise a company, organization or institution is probably best.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Company Description

The next step Facebook will ask you to fill out your company description. It’s best to keep this part relatively brief (150-200 characters) as you’ll have an opportunity to fill out a longer description and story of your business later. Facebook will also ask you to put in a company web address. We recommend including your website in the company description in addition to the provided entry so that it’s only one click away once someone is on your facebook page, keeping in mind that one of the key purposes and strategies behind your company facebook page should be to drive people back to your website.

Step 3: Brand Your Facebook Presence

Complete vs. Incomplete Profile Branding

Complete vs. Incomplete Profile Branding

Next, Facebook will ask you to upload a profile picture. You can also import one from your website. At this point we recommend using a little bit of design skill if available. Often times your logo will not fit correctly into the Facebook profile image dimensions (160px by 160px) so it’s nice to create a version of your business name or logo that fits and looks nice. Later on you can upload a cover photo which is 325px by 851px. This is a great area to visually showcase your business offering, recent accomplishment or company personality. Incomplete profiles are noticed so it’s important to make a good first impression.

Step 4: Post Something

Create a post early on. Even if you don’t have any followers it’s good to show a little depth by having a series of posts. This is also a great time to mention Facebook’s scheduling feature that allows you to set a time for posts to occur but also to back date your posts. For example, if you want to show pictures from a company Christmas party two years ago you can schedule the posts for the past date and your customers will see it on your timeline. It’s also important to fully commit to posting. One post a month is not enough to engage your customers, it also makes you look neglectful and makes people question how well your business is doing so post as often as you can.

Step 5: Integrate Into Other Marketing Efforts

In order to drive your customers to Facebook they need to know you’re out there. You’ve probably been marketing through traditional means for years and will continue to do so. Now, it’s time to integrate your traditional forms of marketing such as print, radio and ads with your new social media strategy. If you send out mailers to potential or existing customers make sure you include an invite to see more on Facebook. Drive traffic back and forth between Facebook and your website by using social media widgets and integrations. Run contests that travel across all forms of media.

That’s it, you’ve got a running Facebook company page! It’s not too hard if you have the time, and we realize that not all of you do, that’s why at DUO we can do all of this for you. We see social media as an essential piece of your marketing strategy, one that requires time and attention that you may not be able to give, so we are here for you. Whether it’s helping you get on your feet or running your social strategy from top to bottom, Duo gets it done.


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