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July 2013 - Duo Marketing Group

July 2013 - Duo Marketing Group

Top 10 iPhone-only Apps and Why We Love Them

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iPhone-only apps are starting to be less common as Android (and even Windows) phones gain more popularity, but lucky for you iPhone users, developers tend to aim for the iOS app store first. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten iPhone-only apps below. Let us know if we forgot any!





IFTTT is a must have for any intense social media user or marketer. IFTT stands for “If This Then That”. It allows you to connect nearly every online account and post the way you want. For example, if you want all of your Instagram photos to auto-post to your blog you set up an IFTTT “recipe” and it takes care of the rest! Both the app and the website are simple and easy to use. 





Prezi is an awesome alternative to the done-to-death slideshow. You can create dynamic, engaging presentations using their online editor. It’s free to use with a university or just $5/month for a paid account. Their app, available for iphone and ipad, allows you to view and edit presentations. Prezi is great for interviews, business, and school.





Passbook comes built in to all iOS devices and is a really handy tool. It can store information about plane tickets, movie tickets, coupons, vouchers, and loyalty cards which nearly eliminates the need for a bulky wallet or purse. It’s easy to use and can integrate with most retail chains, restaurants (like Starbucks), and major airlines.

Ebay Exact




eBay Exact is an extension of the eBay store. It lets you customize items to order for yourself or a friend. Using 3D printing, you can create and customize your own iphone case, rings, and much more.

Cal | your life




Cal| Your Life is made by the same company that made the app Any.Do and if you’ve used that, you know what a great task management app it is.  Cal | Your Life was created to organize, simplify, and beautify your calendar experience. It’s an easy-to-use app and connects well with the calendars you’re already using.





Camera+ lets you take better pictures and edit them by adding cool filters. iPhones already have pretty good cameras, but Camera+ takes it to the next level allowing you to use time-lapse filming, search the web for images, zoom in real-time, and much more. Since it’s one of the earlier photo-editing apps to hit the app store, they’ve had time to work out all the bugs and add some great features.

Find My iPhone




Find My iPhone is obviously pretty self-explanatory. No one is immune to losing their stuff, even when it comes to smart phones that we can’t seem to put down. This app is great for those times that you misplace your phone, but also for any time it might fall into the wrong hands. It links with your apple ID to let you find your phone from anywhere.

Smartr Contacts




Smartr Contacts syncs social profiles, email interactions, and much more into one easy to use contact app. By grabbing pictures from social profiles, Smartr gives your classic address book a more personal feel. The biggest advantage of this app is that it connects all your existing address books so that you can search everywhere at the same time.

Infinity Blade




Infinity Blade is perfect if you are a gaming junkie. With a story written by fantasy legend Brandon Sanderson and visual effects that will knock your socks off. This game is well worth the $7. It’s an action packed RPG with tons of items and options. Battle your way through a multitude of creatures as you level up. 

Action Movie FX




Action Movie FX will take your homemade movies to the next level. This app allows you to add almost Hollywood quality action effects to clips of video. Effects include avalanches, phasers and explosions.

Come back next week to read our top smart phone apps available for both Android and iOS (and even some for Windows, too!)

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Top 10 Android-only Apps and Why We Love Them

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Great Android-only apps can be hard to come by. Most great apps end up available for both IOS and Droid at some point. Here are 10 of our favorite (currently) Android-only apps that you’re going to want to download from the Play Store asap.

Google Sky Map



Google Sky Map is mostly just really cool. You hold your phone up to the sky and it shows you where different constellations, stars, and planets are located in the sky. You can turn the different layers on and off to look at each specifically or look at them all at once.

Nova Launcher




Nova Launcher / Nova Launcher Prime both give you the freedom to customize your phone’s home screen. You can set up a custom grid, configure icon swipe actions, and change the icons for your apps and folders.





MightyText works with your browser to let you read and respond to your text messages on your computer. Similar to iMessage, you can sync your messages with your phone, tablet, and computer so you can view and reply wherever you’re at! MightyText also offers simple photo/video syncing as well as the ability to add filters and effects.

Google Keep




Google Keep is like Evernote, but better. Keep is F-A-S-T. Both the phone and the web app sync quickly and seamlessly. The user interface is simple, the voice note recording is a breeze. When you’re finished with a note, you can just delete it, or archive it and search for it later. And we can’t forget to mention how great the home screen widget is. It’s similar to other to do list or sticky note widgets, but it syncs to your keep and Google Drive instantly.

Swype Keyboard




Swype Keyboard makes texting so much easier. Not only does Swype let you input words with one swift motion, but it recognizes your typing habits and adapts to your motions. Swype keeps your dictionary updated with new or trending words and also learns your behaviors to recognize which words you will type based on their relationship to the rest of the sentence.

Astro File Manager




Astro File/Cloud Manager is easy to navigate, and really simple to use. It let’s you organize your pictures, music, downloads… basically all your files on your Android phone. You can move and drag your files, copy and paste, and create new folders. Astro also has great task manager abilities as well. (We linked out to the free version because all pro does is get rid of the ads.)





Friday captures who you’re emailing, who is calling you, what you’ve listened to, and where you’ve been and saves it into your own personal timeline. You can keep it for yourself or choose to share certain posts. Use Friday to search for specific emails, remember where you ate last time you visited San Diego, or ask who it was that called you last Thursday. Just let Friday do it’s thing and it will sync and remember everything for you.

Rocket Music Player




Rocket Music Player is great as a simple music listening app, but has more advanced capabilities as well. You can play with the equalizer, set up the sleep-timer, and tell it to auto-play your music when you plug something into your headphone jack. There are also quite a few free Rocket Music Player skin apps that let you change the color of your player.

Little Photo




 Little Photo works for Android 1.6 or higher. It’s not actually the best photo app out there as far as photo quality goes, but for usability and simplicity, it’s a real winner. You can take the picture by tapping the screen or pressing the volume button and edit the picture in the same screen. Another advantage of Little Photo is the ability to change the strength of each filter and combine multiple filters. 





NES.emu lets you play Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and other favorite Nintendo games on your Android phone or tablet. Most games are much easier to play if you have a keyboard to attach to your device, but this is still a really fun old school gaming app.

iPhone fan? Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing our top 10 iPhone exclusive apps later this week!

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Oreo Case Study #1: The Wonderfilled Campaign

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If you haven’t heard about Oreo’s Wonderfilled campaign, we suggest you open up a package of double stuf and click play on that video above. (And if you’ve eaten half the package by the end of this post, we won’t judge you.)

The idea is that sharing an Oreo can turn any situation into something wonderful, or “Wonderfilled”. Oreo opened this campaign with the Wonderfilled song featuring the band Owl City which asks what would happen if you gave an Oreo to characters like the big bad wolf or a great white shark. The campaign is all about imagination and the positive effect of sharing an Oreo.

What Oreo did right:
They took an inanimate object, a cookie, and gave us all an emotional attachment to it. The Wonderfilled campaign sends the message that sharing an Oreo is a positive experience. Oreo’s change lives. Now you need an Oreo, don’t you?

They obtained a perfect balance. The Wonderfilled campaign isn’t the only marketing Oreo is doing. They’ve seamlessly mixed it into their current marketing efforts without making it the only thing you ever see about Oreo.

They’re rockin’ the social media world. They have nearly 34 MILLON likes on Facebook and over 136,000 Twitter followers. Make sure to check them out on Vine and Instagram.

What we learn from Oreo:
Brands that really connect with their consumers with positive experiences find success.

Your marketing should be balanced. Balance where, when, and how you market.

Embrace social media. It’s no secret that we’re big social media fans around here, so we love seeing brands excel at social media marketing.

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