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October 2013 - Duo Marketing Group

October 2013 - Duo Marketing Group

Best Instagram Apps for Adding Text and Graphics or Making Collages

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If you’ve used Instagram, you’ve probably seen people create cool collages and add text/graphics to their Instagram pictures. Ever wondered how? Maybe you’ve found a collage app, but it makes your Instagram picture look like something out of a ten-year-old’s scrapbook. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Instagram apps to use with both iPhone and Android.

add text to photos with instagram apps


Phonto is a really simple app for adding text to your images. It comes with preloaded fonts, but our favorite thing about Phonto is the ability to install and use more fonts. This allows for some fun creativity with dingbat fonts as well as fonts that have been specifically created for instagram.
Here are some free dingbat font ideas: Adhesive Nr. Seven, Nymphette, and WC Sold Out
Here are some made-for-instagram dingbat fonts available for purchase: DB Going Tribal, Wicked Awesome, and InstaThanks

Here is the tutorial on how to install fonts and use them with your Phonto app: http://oodlesofcrafts.blogspot.com/2012/06/phonto-tutorial.html


add text to photos with instagram apps


Pixlr Express is one of our favorite Instagram apps. It lets you crop, rotate, resize, fix red eye, adjust brightness and contrast, add filters/graphics/text, and even more. It’s like photoshop for your phone (but easier to use ;).






add text and graphics to photos with instagram apps

iPhone only

Studio lets you add fun graphics, overlays, and borders. Studio has a gallery of well-designed Instagram art that lets you “remix” any design you see and love.






add text and graphics to photos with instagram apps



PicLab has a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows you to add graphics, text, overlays, and borders. PicLab is a great alternative to Studio for Android users.





make clean, professional collages with instagram apps


Pic Frame is our favorite collage Instagram apps because it is so clean and crisp. We like to keep our Instagram collages professional looking.



Halloween Marketing Campaigns Done Right

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Whether it’s costume contests, zombies or commercials, Halloween has always been a prime holiday for marketers. Considering over 66% of Americans celebrate Halloween it’s a good idea to craft strategies and marketing messages around the spooky season. So to celebrate the season and inspire some creativity we found 6 Halloween Marketing Campaigns brands have used to promote their services for the Halloween season.


Snickers Horseless Headsman

Chipotle’s Boorito

Booking.com Haunted Hotels



REI Zombie Survival Guide


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