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December 2016 - Duo Marketing Group

December 2016 - Duo Marketing Group

Social Media Resolutions for the New Year

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As we approach the new year, we’ve discussed a lot about how we can improve – both for our own social marketing and for the clients we represent. Since social media is constantly changing, we do our best to adapt and improve as the changes come. So, these resolutions really are things we’ve already started to work on this year and have seen great benefits. Since we already know how beneficial they can be, we’re gearing up to take them to the next level in 2017.

We’re resolving to:

  • Rock at video. An estimated 74% of internet traffic is to come from video in 2017. And we’ve known for a while that video typically ranks the highest in social media algorithms. This year, we’re going to up our video game.
  • Blog like it’s our business. (Because, actually, it is.) We experience a bit of the “Cobbler’s Kids” syndrome around here – you know how they don’t have any shoes? We sometimes let our blog fall through the cracks while we’re developing epic content for our clients. But we’ve learned that treating our own brand like a client helps us to balance that out and invest quality time into generating our own content.
  • Add a personal touch. Social media research has consistently shown that images with faces in them tend to get more engagement than other images. Our goal is to put more of a focus on this as we’re developing content next year.
  • Improve our live video strategy. As part of upping our video game, we’re going to develop a great live video/Instagram stories strategy. Studies are predicting that less time and money will be spent on cable networks and more of that time will be spent watching live videos.
  • Separate social presence from social advertising. We’re of the belief that a great social marketing strategy includes maintaining a social presence (not specifically as an advertising effort) in addition to your strategic advertising efforts. Social media is built to be social. Our goal is to figure out how to effectively make these two elements of social marketing separate strategies that are built to work together.

6 Most Memorable Advertising Campaigns

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We’ve polled the office and the answers are in! Here are the 6 most memorable ad campaigns for all of us here at Duo:

Pepto Bismol

Nobody wants to talk about diarrhea. Really, nobody. But let’s be honest, we’ve all been there! We found that everyone in the office knew the song and more than half of us admitted that we sing the song when we’re not feeling well to see if Pepto Bismol is our best bet. That’s effective marketing at its finest, folks.

McDonald’s | I’m Lovin’ It

A fun catch-phrase is all it takes to set the world a’blaze!

Chili’s | Baby Back Ribs

Everybody knows the Chili’s Baby Back Ribs jingle – then you throw in a dream team like N’Sync and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Taco Bell

We remembered this one from 2001. I think we’re seeing a pattern here. It’s all in the music or catch phrase.

Old Spice

These Old Spice commercials became an instant classic. Humor + an attractive male = memorable.

Mountain Dew | Kick Start

Puppy-Monkey-Baby. Equal parts disturbing and captivating. All we can say about this is, even the worst ideas can leave a lasting impression. However weird it might have been, it definitely stuck out!


These advertisements use a combination of visually captivating elements along with catchy phrases or tunes to resonate with their audiences. No matter what your ad campaign might be, think about what it takes to leave a lasting impression.

Best Christmas Commercials of 2016

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We love commericals this time of year. Marketing teams come up with the most creative ideas and we can’t get enough of them. The holidays are a great time to learn a few things about marketing that can be used in your own strategies.

Here are some of our favorite holiday commercials we’ve seen and what you can learn from them:

This heartwarming commercial is for Amazon Prime:

What we love about this commercial is the story it tells. Amazon got their point across (and made us tear up) in less than two minutes and with very little dialogue. Viewers may not actually need the product shown in the video, but because it was a memorable commercial, consumers will remember Amazon Prime and associate good feelings with the brand.

Beats by Dre – a daring, but fun commercial that can’t be overlooked:

This commercial is full of familiar faces and we all know how powerful celebrity endorsements can be. Finding a key influencer in your target audience can be really valuable – especially in product marketing. This video really shows the value of a great endorsement.

Combine Star Wars and miracles and you get a commercial that’s hard to forget:

Duracell does a great job at using an effective tagline. “Powering children’s imaginations” is a phrase that can create great feelings in anyone’s heart. This commercial does really well at telling a story to create an emotional connection. The commercial took us into a new world of a child’s imagination in very little time.



What are your favorite Christmas commercials you’ve seen this year?


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