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Technology Archives - Duo Marketing Group

Technology Archives - Duo Marketing Group

Cyber Bullying: More Than Just an Elementary School Problem

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Social media can a wonderful tool for connecting communities and spreading news. But there is also vicious side to it that has been on the rise.  Cyberbullying can be a difficult term to define. The definition includes mean messages or threats, spreading rumors, posting hurtful things online, sexting, or taking unflattering pictures and spreading them around through social media. It can be damaging to teens and adolescents and can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Over half of adolescents have been bullied online in some form or another. We understand the seriousness of this issue and are grateful to see lawmakers making progress to stop these types of hate crimes.

But, teens aren’t the only ones who are suffering.

According to a survey on the subject by the Pew Research Center, nearly 75 percent of American adults have witnessed online harassment with 40 percent seeing the brunt of that cyberbullying. If you take a look at any news story, public post, or image shared on Facebook, you are likely to see the same immature, disrespectful, mean language you might expect to come from a teenager, but this time it’s from adults.

For example:

Patrice Bendig recently wrote an article about her online dating experience that went viral on Facebook, being liked or shared over 30K times. At first, she later wrote, the comments were positive. But then, comments like the following started to roll in:

Instead of getting on a roller coaster she needs to get on a treadmill”

“You like Hulu with your cat, and….Muppets. Your over weight and dress like a PTA mom from Kansas. And you wonder why you are having trouble getting dates? Is this like some performance art piece?”

“Sorry to be honest but overweight, unflattering pics, generic profile with homebody interests, seemingly low self esteem, and a pet cat? There’s so many more choices for men in any metro area who have some game, I guess you need to lower your standards or move to a place where there’s less competition?”

“From the look of her, big-girl panties is an appropriate description”

“Yeah, guys who don’t like fat entitled girls are dumb.”

“The reality is – you’re fat. Doesn’t matter how great your personality or cat is. No one wants to deal with an unfit person headed for knee and back problems, diabetes and heart disease. You’re as bad a risk for a mate as you are for health insurance.”

Nobody deserves to hear or read things like this. Yet somehow, the semi-anonymity of Facebook and online comment sections have given people “permission” to say terribly unkind things.

So why do people do it? Why would anyone write something mean and click “post?” Psychologists have found that the lack of face-to-face communication in social media decreases empathy. A study published in August 2015 in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior” showed that cyberbullies typically have three personality traits that often occur together. These traits are called the “Dark Triad”: Machiavellianism, which is a tendency to manipulate other people for their own good; narcissism, an obsession with self and feeling that they are better than other people; and psychopathy, an attribute that includes a lack of empathy and a greater tendency to take risks. This dangerous combination can lead people to do things online that they wouldn’t do in person.

So, what can you do about it?

If you are a victim of merciless comments or harassment online, it’s best to ignore the perpetrator. Responding may add fuel to their fire and encourage them to keep going. Next, block, report, and flag any and all content from the cyber bully. Don’t delete the evidence permanently. Reporting the content instead of simply deleting it sends a strong statement that you won’t accept this type of internet behavior. It also allows the social media site to review the content and can help them either deactivate an account or block a person from a page.

Check your state laws to see if the police should get involved. In many situations, if the perpetrator is ignored, the bullying will stop.

If you see cyberbullying happening, post something positive and stand up for the person being bullied. Be the positive voice. “It is a powerful show of support to the victim and of rebuke to the bully,” says Michelle Ferrier, an associate dean for innovation at the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University.

In conclusion, we love this quote from cyberbullying.org:

“In sum, it can be difficult to hold bullies accountable for their actions (for both adolescents and adults).  In a country such as ours that values free speech so highly, many people genuinely believe they can say whatever they want, to whomever they want.  We know that is not true, but it isn’t clear where exactly the line is.  And just because we can say certain things, doesn’t mean we should.  It’s no wonder that many teens are wrestling with this problem—they see the adults in their lives saying mean and nasty things to others on a regular basis. Do your part to model appropriate behavior and address any hurtful language when it comes up.  The kids (and other adults) in your life will hopefully see it, remember it, and act in the right ways.”



Top 10 Android-only Apps and Why We Love Them

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Great Android-only apps can be hard to come by. Most great apps end up available for both IOS and Droid at some point. Here are 10 of our favorite (currently) Android-only apps that you’re going to want to download from the Play Store asap.

Google Sky Map



Google Sky Map is mostly just really cool. You hold your phone up to the sky and it shows you where different constellations, stars, and planets are located in the sky. You can turn the different layers on and off to look at each specifically or look at them all at once.

Nova Launcher




Nova Launcher / Nova Launcher Prime both give you the freedom to customize your phone’s home screen. You can set up a custom grid, configure icon swipe actions, and change the icons for your apps and folders.





MightyText works with your browser to let you read and respond to your text messages on your computer. Similar to iMessage, you can sync your messages with your phone, tablet, and computer so you can view and reply wherever you’re at! MightyText also offers simple photo/video syncing as well as the ability to add filters and effects.

Google Keep




Google Keep is like Evernote, but better. Keep is F-A-S-T. Both the phone and the web app sync quickly and seamlessly. The user interface is simple, the voice note recording is a breeze. When you’re finished with a note, you can just delete it, or archive it and search for it later. And we can’t forget to mention how great the home screen widget is. It’s similar to other to do list or sticky note widgets, but it syncs to your keep and Google Drive instantly.

Swype Keyboard




Swype Keyboard makes texting so much easier. Not only does Swype let you input words with one swift motion, but it recognizes your typing habits and adapts to your motions. Swype keeps your dictionary updated with new or trending words and also learns your behaviors to recognize which words you will type based on their relationship to the rest of the sentence.

Astro File Manager




Astro File/Cloud Manager is easy to navigate, and really simple to use. It let’s you organize your pictures, music, downloads… basically all your files on your Android phone. You can move and drag your files, copy and paste, and create new folders. Astro also has great task manager abilities as well. (We linked out to the free version because all pro does is get rid of the ads.)





Friday captures who you’re emailing, who is calling you, what you’ve listened to, and where you’ve been and saves it into your own personal timeline. You can keep it for yourself or choose to share certain posts. Use Friday to search for specific emails, remember where you ate last time you visited San Diego, or ask who it was that called you last Thursday. Just let Friday do it’s thing and it will sync and remember everything for you.

Rocket Music Player




Rocket Music Player is great as a simple music listening app, but has more advanced capabilities as well. You can play with the equalizer, set up the sleep-timer, and tell it to auto-play your music when you plug something into your headphone jack. There are also quite a few free Rocket Music Player skin apps that let you change the color of your player.

Little Photo




 Little Photo works for Android 1.6 or higher. It’s not actually the best photo app out there as far as photo quality goes, but for usability and simplicity, it’s a real winner. You can take the picture by tapping the screen or pressing the volume button and edit the picture in the same screen. Another advantage of Little Photo is the ability to change the strength of each filter and combine multiple filters. 





NES.emu lets you play Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and other favorite Nintendo games on your Android phone or tablet. Most games are much easier to play if you have a keyboard to attach to your device, but this is still a really fun old school gaming app.

iPhone fan? Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing our top 10 iPhone exclusive apps later this week!

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