"We believe that social media is meant to be social. Here at Duo, that’s our focus. Whether we’re managing your social media or developing any other part of your marketing plan, Duo’s team of creative thinkers will help your business grow. We focus on making people “like” you. Our mission is to build brand awareness and represent your company in a relevant way through various print and digital media projects."

− The Duo Team





According to Facebook, “1 out of every 5 minutes on mobile is spent either within Facebook or Instagram.” Maintaining a Facebook presence for your brand gives you access to a huge market. Facebook can be used as a means for advertising and reaching your audience as well as a space to create the “voice” of your company and connect with potential clients, patients, and customers. 


Recent statistics show that Instagram has 400 million monthly active users. This allows your company to reach a huge brand in a highly visual way – which something consumers want. Through videos and images, you can tell a story that allows your followers to create a relationship with you and your company.  


Twitter users create about 500 million tweets each day. It’s important that you are a part of that conversation. Twitter is a great way to get your brand out there and allow people to interact with your brand differently. From large corporations to small businesses, people are connecting on Twitter. We love Twitter because it’s especially social. Having an active role on Twitter allows customers to give feedback and gives you the chance to be the voice of your brand.  


80% of Pinterest users are women. 92% of pins on Pinterest come from this demographic. Pinterest is especially great for healthcare brands and other brands where women often have a heavy influence on the decision to choose your brand. Visual content is king when it comes to social media and Pinterest is all about great images and pictures. Pinterest can also be a good resource for driving traffic to your website. 


Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet. We love creating video content for our clients and helping them develop a library of videos to tell the story of their brand. Having great content on YouTube can also provide great content for your other social media platforms.  


LinkedIn has over 40 million students & recent graduates – this means that LinkedIn is especially great for healthcare brands because this is the demographic of people who are starting to make healthcare decisions. LinkedIn is a great platform for representing you and your brand in a highly professional way and reaching a relevant audience of professionals. 
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Our digital design skills encompass our web development abilities in addition to the talents our design team has for creating visual content for online advertising, social media, and smart phone and tablet apps. We understand the unique needs and nuances of digital design as well as the needs of the platforms the designs are used on. We create these designs with each company’s brand in mind and aim to create digital content that speaks to the company’s marketing goals as a whole.


Our web design services are catered to the individual needs of each brand. We have the resources and abilities to create responsive websites on a variety of platforms as well as a great creative team who can develop your website design, copy, and images.


Our team of graphic designers has years of expertise in print design and production. We work hard to learn the visual style of each of our clients so that every design we create is consistent with the established brand of the company. We see branding as an important part of any marketing strategy and have worked with many companies to create, develop, and enhance their brands. The print materials we create are always created with the complete marketing strategy of the brand in mind.


Strategic Planning

As a team, we meet each week to discuss all of our clients and their specific needs. In these meetings, we also talk about new ways for our clients to reach their audience and create a connection. We like to meet with each of our clients on a monthly basis to make sure we’re aware of your company goals so that we can continually be aligning our strategic ideas with the aspirations of your brand.

Media Buying

Establishing an identity and presence in traditional and digital media is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy. We have the expertise and resources needed to create and place strategic advertisements for your business.

Content Creation

Content creation is the meat and potatoes of what we do. Whether we’re developing content and fresh ideas for your brand’s social media posts or writing professional copy for your new brochure or website, we have a team of writers and creatives who work together to make your content unique and creative. Like everything we do, we strive to keep the content we create professional and relevant to each unique brand.