5 ways to engage your audience with interactive marketing

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

As people’s lives get busier, it is becoming more important to engage your audience through social media. Interactive marketing can also help increase brand loyalty. Interacting with your audience allows you to learn more about your audience which makes it easier to create content that they love. Below we are sharing some options of interactive marketing that you can implement into your social media strategy today! 

1. Live Videos

Instagram, Facebook, and more social media platforms allow you to set up events to go live in front of your audience. These live streaming events allow your audience to like, comment, and interact with the videos as they are streaming in real time. As questions and comments come into the live video, the streamer can directly interact with your consumers. Audiences often find live streams to be an exciting way to interact with the people that they admire and enjoy having their voice heard by big companies. 

2. User-generated content

User-generated content is content that is created by people, not by the company itself. Sharing user made content is a great way to invite interaction with your audience and it creates organic traffic. This content is authentic and creates a personal experience for your audience. It can help humanize your brand and increase trust and loyalty. 

3. Polls/Quizzes

This is a very easy and simple way to engage your audience. By offering up a list of questions or a place to submit their own questions, you offer a quick way for natural interaction. Polls give you the opportunity to create the content that your audience wants to see. Implementing their ideas makes them feel closer to your brand, which can increase brand loyalty. 

4. Contests

If you have prizes that people want, and an audience that will share your page, contests can be an easy way to use interactive content. It will help increase brand awareness, engage a large number of people on social media, and it will acquire new followers to your social media page. Brands have been holding contests on social media for a long time asking people to like, comment, or share posts to enter. 

5. Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing allows brands to interact physically with your audience. These installations can range from conference booths to virtual reality experiences. Engagement marketing is a great way to change the pace of your tactics on social media. Audiences are often excited to see brands that are primarily on social media get creative in the real world. This marketing strategy can leave lasting impressions that lead to long-term brand loyalty. 

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