Bottleneck Checklist for your Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads on Facebook can be extremely useful in driving conversions within your specific target audiences. However, if you’ve ever created and managed lead generation ads, you know first-hand that ad fatigue and bottlenecking can slow your results and give you a headache. We’re sharing some tips to fix the potential bottleneck your ads are experiencing so that they can continue to generate leads and you can focus on optimizing these leads. 

✔️ Check your Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking metrics on your ads. These metrics replaced Facebook’s previous “Relevance Score” with much more detailed information regarding your audience’s experience through your ads. Think of the Facebook Ads arena as an auction. If your Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking scores are rated low, Facebook will start showing your ads to a lower quality audience. This will hurt your conversion rates and could create a bottleneck with your lead generation. These metrics are ranked against ads that have competed for the same audience you’re currently targeting. 

✔️ Check your link click-through-rate. If this is low, it either means that your ad creative isn’t resonating with your audience or your targeting is off. Experiment with different creatives. Try a carousel creative and check your KPIs. Is this more engaging to your audience? Sometimes an informative video will increase your click-through-rate. It all depends on the audience you’re targeting. This is why it’s important to test out all kinds of creative.

✔️ Check your landing page conversion. If you’re sending 100 clicks to a landing page and you’ve only converted one person, your landing page is converting at 1%. Shoot for 20% or higher. Make sure your messaging on your landing page matches the messaging used in your ad copy and the look and feel of the landing page matches the ad design. If these don’t match, they can lead to high bounce rates on the landing page, lowering your conversion. 

✔️ Schedule your free consultation with an ad strategist at Duo Marketing Group. It can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating to figure out how to fix your ads to generate the leads your business needs. We understand the several moving parts within Facebook Advertising since we spend all day every day working with the platform. We’re here to optimize your ad campaigns and generate leads to increase your business’s revenue. To schedule your free consultation for your business, give us a call at 435-264-1819.