The official definition of a brand is a name, term, design or symbol that represents a company or idea. Here at Duo, we believe that a brand is much more than that. A brand isn’t just the visual representation of your company, but also what people think and feel about your business – their mental and emotional response to who you are as a company.

To succeed, business brands must deliver a message that is meaningful to their audience across all these touchpoints.

1. Leverage or Create Heritage 

To be meaningful, a brand must also come across as genuine. One way to achieve this is by emphasizing the brand’s heritage or story. While it is essential to create a strong visual identity for your business, it is just as important to create a unique and consistent voice that sets you apart. Clients want to know who you are and how you’ve managed to conquer obstacles that have been set in your path. The more you blend your personal story with your professional brand, the more relatable you become.

2. Build Consumer Tribes

Once you figure out who it is you want to work with or target, you can curate the content you share so it speaks directly to dream clients. Make a list of things that resonate with your ideal audience, then make it a point to craft your posts based on these topics. Whether you are creating a blog post or sharing a photo to social media, think about whether or not that content will resonate with the people you are trying to attract. As you define your tribe, your content will start attracting more and more people that mesh with your morals and mission as a marketer.

3. Provide Valuable Information

The best content marketing strategy is designed to answer the most pressing questions your target audience has – to educate and transform them. Content is all about building and engaging with your audience. When you position yourself as an expert through your content, it establishes your brand as a trustworthy source with your audience.

4. Don’t Overthink It

Have you ever started a post on social media, edited it half a dozen times, then deleted it altogether? It is great to be a perfectionist and to want to share only the best & most beautiful aspects of your work, but the secret to getting meaningful engagement is by being consistent. It is much better to get your message out, even if it isn’t perfect, than keeping all of your talent and tidbits to yourself.

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