Creating Great Content for Social Media

Whether you’re reading this because you want tips for your personal social media account or you do social media for a business, you’re probably here because you have realized creating great social media content can be a challenge. There are many ways to define “great”, but overall, great social media content is simply this: whatever your followers or friends want to see and interact with.

Many factors go into creating the content that all of your followers and friends want to see. Here are a few general rules to help take your social content to the next level:

Rule #1: Know your audience. You should know who you is currently in your audience and who your target audience is. When you know this, you can write posts that directly apply to them. If you’re writing a post directed at healthcare providers, you would be more likely to include medical terminology. If you’re a healthcare provider creating the content for your patients, you would want to post about things in general, easily understood terms.

Rule #2: Provide valuable information. Most of the time, your friends and followers don’t want feel like they are being sold to. At Duo Marketing Group, we have a 70/30 rule. This means that 30% or less of the content we create is geared toward monetization. So that leaves you with 70% to generate creative content that your friends and followers like and connect with. As you generate and share this content, it gives you credibility as an expert in your business area. Because you establish yourself as an expert over time, your friends and followers will put more trust in your organization. This will lead to a more successful business and your social media content will be on a fast track to being great.

Rule #3: Keep your voice consistent. If your brand is funny, hip, and quirky, own it! The same idea goes for a professional brand. If you’re changing your voice on your social media platform it can harm your brand and confuse your potential customers and/or friends.

Seeing This in Action: Let’s look at this concept using the healthcare provider example we mentioned above. For example, if you’re sharing an article from a credible source, (your own website gets you bonus credibility points) about common knee problems, your ideal audience would be middle-aged to older adults. If you know this is a large part of your audience, the article is good to go! As you’re sharing this, you should maintain a more professional voice in the wording of your caption to stay consistent with the healthcare provider brand, while speaking in terms your audience would easily understand. As you establish yourself in your area of expertise on social media through generating quality content, you’ll see your business succeed.