Facebook Conversion Ad Objectives: Breaking it Down

If you or your business is new to Facebook Ads, it can seem like a complex world as you immerse yourself into it. If you’ve been overwhelmed by the number of objectives available to you or confused by optimizing for certain events, this blog post is for you!

Conversion Ads – Events to Optimize For

Facebook has something called a pixel that you can place on your website. This pixel tracks activity from users and communicates this activity back to Facebook. It’s a powerful tool to use for remarketing and aids in funneling highly interested leads through your ad funnel. With a pixel on your website, you now have the capabilities to track things called “events”. These events are coded into your website and track when certain actions are performed on the website. Here’s a list of some of the most common and helpful events you may code into your website and when you should optimize for these events:

View Content: This event can be placed on page/pages that are important for you to track. For example, a View Page event can be placed on a product page, landing page, blog post, or article.

Add to Cart: If you’re in retail, this event is extremely useful. This event is tracked whenever someone adds something to their cart or basket. If you’re running ads to a landing page or website where an item can be added to someone’s cart and bought, optimizing for the Add to Cart event can produce some stellar results.

Complete Registration: This event is triggered when someone submits their information in return for something from the business. This can be in the form of a webinar, membership to an email subscription, or something similar to that. Optimizing for this event allows you to build an audience to retarget or upsell to.

Lead: This event is triggered when someone inputs their information, knowing that the business will be reaching out to them shortly to schedule some kind of event or to stay in touch. It can be helpful to optimize for this if you work with a lead generation client.


These are a few of many different conversion events that you can optimize for. It’s important to fully understand the goals of your client to be able to optimize their ads correctly and give them the return-on-ad-spend they’re wanting. If a client wants to build brand awareness you’ll treat their ads completely different than a client who wants to drive purchases.

Need some help?

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