How to Get More Client Testimonials and Why They’re So Important

In today’s blog post, we’re getting tactical. Implementing this one piece of advice can have a huge impact on your business or practice. 

When you sell a product or service online or in-person, new customers are always curious about what other people think about these products or services. 

They want to know if other people liked them. They want to know if other customers have had a good experience. They want to know if the product or service worked for others. They want to know the end results. 

People not only like these case studies or testimonials, but they search for them online and make their decisions based off of them. 

Here’s what you need to start doing today: You need to start creating a testimonial database. This tool is comprised of screenshots, names, and examples of what people say about you and your company or practice. 

Let us give you an example. Let’s say you’re a surgeon. You’re providing a life-changing service for your patients. You meet with your patient a few weeks after their surgery, and they start telling you how they feel so good and how you solved their problem. They tell you how you changed their life. At that moment, you should thank them and ask them to give you a review online or get their permission to write down what they are saying and use their testimony on your digital presence (website, social media, blogs). Having a release/approval document already made beforehand will make this whole process a lot easier for you and for them. 

Everyone knows about the power of a good testimonial or review. But for most businesses, these are a last-minute thought to ask for, yet they are  the first thing they want to improve or gain more of. 

When people give you a compliment about your product or service, you need to make it a habit to say thank you and then immediately follow up with this phrase “Could you please tell me a little bit more about why you feel that way?”

To take this a step further, you could clarify the depth of the testimonial. Maybe it’s about a specific product, procedure, person, etc. This is a fantastic way to highlight a new technology you use in your practice or a new product that just hit the market. 

Building a testimonial database requires daily effort from you and your team. It’s something that can truly benefit your business and practice right away. Most potential patients or customers don’t make a decision to use you based off of what you say about yourself. Instead, they make their decisions based off of what they can trust, and they trust what other people have to say about you.