Meet Ben!

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog

My name is Ben and I’m the Google Ads & SEO Specialist here at Duo Marketing Group.

I started my career in 2016 working with startups in Greenville, SC helping them build and cultivate their digital marketing presence. This work eventually led to consulting for companies ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to corner coffee shops and everything in between. From there, I stepped into the ecommerce world for a couple years, working primarily with outdoor apparel brands, and then finally landed at Duo in January 2020. My diverse work background has given me the skills to place myself in the shoes of our clients, working towards their goals and generating a high ROI regardless of the product or service.

At Duo, I specialize in all things Google. I work primarily with our client’s Google Ads, SEO, and Google My Business creating a cohesive marketing strategy that spans anywhere a potential customer could interact with their business. When I’m not working on our clients’ Google presence, I also manage accounts, run email campaigns, and create paid social ads. 

What drew me to Duo over any of the other agencies I applied to was their progressive processes and devotion to personal investment. I love the constant demand for problem-solving and efficient solutions paired with a company mindset of thinking outside the box. It’s a beautiful thing to challenge the status quo, see a client’s goals come to life, and watch their business grow into the potential you know it has. 

When I’m not at work you can find me on a bike, a snowboard, or just somewhere outside.