Our Marketing Recommendations

As a business, it can be overwhelming to choose which marketing mix to start with to get some leads coming in and increase your brand awareness. We’re here today to break it down into our recommendations, including both digital and traditional marketing options. 

#1: Digital Strategy – Social Advertising and Posting/Boosting

A digital strategy is our number one recommendation for businesses due to the in-depth targeting strategies available to marketers. Through social advertising, we are able to generate leads for businesses, directly increasing the business’s revenue and showing valuable ROI. Everything in a digital strategy is trackable, providing you with in-depth data to show from your marketing efforts. 

We would recommend the following platforms to generate leads, build brand awareness, and communicate with existing and potential patients: Facebook Ads, Facebook Posting/Boosting, Instagram Ads, Google Ads (Search & Display), and Youtube Ads. The total number of people using these platforms within your target market/demographic your trying to reach is huge, take advantage of that. 

#2: Billboard Strategy/Movie Theater Ads Strategy

A billboard is a constant touchpoint of brand awareness when placed correctly. This is our second recommendation, because of the lack of high-level targeting, it’s more of a blanket targeting strategy. Billboards have been shown to increase brand awareness, rather than increase leads to a business. It works hand-in-hand with a lead generation strategy such as the digital strategy mentioned above. 

Movie theater ads are a great brand awareness strategy within a local area. For these movie theater ads, we would recommend a personalized video ad where faces of the community that work within the business are shown, so the audience can make an emotional connection with what they’re seeing.

#3: Radio/TV Strategy

This is recommended third because of the smaller demographic of those listening to the radio and watching TV. Because of streaming services that offer premium versions within the TV and Radio spectrum, (Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc.) people are either paying for the premium version to avoid ads, or they’re not listening/leaving during commercials. This is not a constant touchpoint and limits the demographic you reach. You’re also not able to see data on who’s seeing/hearing the ads and who makes an action due to that. 

#4: Newspaper/Print Strategy

With newspaper/print marketing strategies, there are no targeting capabilities. You’re also limiting yourself to the small demographic that reads and pays attention to ads in the newspaper. This is why we recommend this below the rest. 

All marketing strategies, when done correctly, can work together to create a comprehensive lead generation and brand awareness strategy. If you’re not sure where to get started, you can get started by scheduling a free strategy call with one of our specialists! Call 435-264-1819 to get advice from a marketing expert.