Ranked As A Top Digital Agency in Utah

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Duo Faves

The expert analysts at Designrush have ranked Duo Marketing Group as one of the Top Digital Agencies in Utah providing all-inclusive service to grow your brand online: digital marketing/advertising, website design, website development, SEO, design, and more. 

There are several different kinds of media within the digital advertising world, and it can get complicated. This is why we’re here – to simplify it. Digital media can be broken up into three different categories: earned media, paid media, and owned media.


We like to think of this as media that you influence. This breaks down to things such as SEO (search-engine-optimization) and what people are saying about your brand online. This can be categorized as earned media because it’s something that is earned over time. By building a business that your customers can trust online.


Paid media is any media that you pay for. Digitally, this means Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, etc..


Owned media is media that you control. For example, owned media can look like a social media content strategy that’s put in place for your brand. It can also include website development, photography, videography, etc. 


It’s important that your brand understands how to leverage each type of media to have a comprehensive marketing strategy. If you wanted to solely take advantage of paid media, your earned and owned media wouldn’t be up to par. This results in a brand that seems untrustworthy, simply because people aren’t talking about your brand online. Without earned media, there wouldn’t be many reviews (if any at all), your website may not be user-friendly, and your content wouldn’t be high-quality. These things can easily lead to lost sales or inflated cost-per-leads/acquisitions, which would make your paid media inefficient. 

Here at Duo Marketing Group, we understand how to make each media work hand-in-hand with each other. We’ve helped numerous clients leverage each type of media for their brand, propelling them to success.

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