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Two billion users. Yes, you read that right. Facebook has two billion users scrolling their feeds just waiting to discover your service or product. Facebook’s advertising segmentation tools allow us to cast a wide net or target based on your ideal consumer.

We can hyper-target your advertising based on interests, demographics, transactional history, and more to reach those who are most likely to buy your product or service. Facebook advertising offers solutions for each part of the acquisition funnel, from the beginnings of brand awareness to the actual purchase. This means you can reach potential life-long customers at the lowest cost possible. We combine eye-catching and relatable imagery with engaging copy to gain the edge on your competition.

Our Facebook advertising experts are ready to plan, launch, and optimize your brand’s Facebook campaigns to help you scale revenues, increase leads, and build your business.

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Increased website traffic by 362.6%

We used data-driven insights from our rapid-fire hyper-targeted testing to launch and optimize Facebook ad campaigns for a law firm that’s providing professional and experienced legal help. Our strategies increased traffic to their website by 362.6% and reached 49,006 potential clients through these Facebook advertisements. We used Facebook pixel data to craft a re-targeting strategy that continues to boost leads and earnings.



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