Should You Be Paying for Advertising on Facebook?

Remember when social media marketing was “free”? It was less than 10 years ago that 100% of your audience on Facebook would see what you posted – because there was no algorithm and no need for paid advertising. Those were the days, right?

It’s easy to think that way, but it’s important to keep in mind that social media marketing wasn’t free, even back then. The effort to create and post content still took time and time has a value. It just doesn’t feel quite the same as a charge on the company card.

One could argue that the cost of advertising on social media is higher now because you have to consider your time for content creation plus the cost of your ad budget. And, while that’s somewhat valid, it’s more important to include the value that advertising adds into the equation.

Sure, 100% of your audience had the opportunity to see a post you shared, but did 100% of them care about it? With Facebook advertising, you can specifically target your audience and make sure your content is being seen by the people who will care about it. You know, potential clients or customers instead of your ex-girlfriend’s mom who liked your Business Page to be nice and just never unliked it.

Think of it like a billboard. Let’s say 10,000 cars drive past a certain billboard on the freeway each day. That seems like good odds. But who are these people? Do they connect to or care about your message? That’s what Facebook posts with no advertising (or a poorly executed campaign) are like. You may be getting content views, but are they worth the money? Are they reaching the right people?

Facebook ads are kind of like putting a billboard next to someone’s house who fits your target market perfectly. And next to their neighbor’s house who also fits your ideal audience.

You can target people who have visited your website. You can choose demographics like age, interests, purchasing behaviors, location, etc. Facebook has made it so easy to really reach the people who matter and will care about the content you’re sharing.

So, while it may be fun to reminisce about the “good old days” on Facebook, we’re actually quite thrilled with the value that the algorithm + a great ad campaign can offer. If you’re ready to invest in a valuable campaign for your business, schedule your free strategy call today!