Step Up Your Font Game With These 3 Simple Tips

The task of picking fonts can be overwhelming. Selecting a typeface that represents your company’s voice while still expressing a fun personality can be difficult – even for the die-hard typography fan. We’ve put together 3 tips to help you make this seemingly simple task a little less stressful for your next company flyer or invite.


1.     Dress for Success

Picking a typeface is a lot like getting dressed in the morning. Just like clothing, there’s a time for expressive and stylish versus practical and appropriate. Practical isn’t always the most exciting choice, but when you need to get a message across, it helps communicate your point well. A great way to add some flair to your document is to use a display font on just one word or in the heading of your article.



2.     Know the Family

Pick a font family that has a variety of weights (light, bold, heavy, etc. ). A great way to add variety to your document without overdoing it on the font mixing is to switch up the weight. Some examples of fonts with a variety of weights are Avenir and Helvetica.



3.     Contrast is Key

Maybe you want a little more contrast and you want to pair a couple of different fonts – this is a great way to add variety and personality. A good rule of thumb is to only use two fonts in a document. If you use more than two, it will start to look messy and under planned. A great practice is to pair one sans serif with one serif. This gives a custom and professional look to the document.