The Top 5 Instagram Musts

If your Instagram presence isn’t quite as strong as you’re hoping, it may be time to learn how to sharpen up your strategies for getting real, organic followers on Instagram. Below we are sharing five real, authentic, reputation-building characteristics that you can apply to your account today!

1. Post Consistently.

To get the highest engagement, create the strongest relationships with your audience, and continue to increase follower count, you have to post consistently. Depending on your audience, the number of posts can vary, however, for most, one post per day seems to be extremely effective. 

For a while, it was a common belief that posting 3-5 posts per day was the best way to grow a following and boost your account, however, posting so often can be overwhelming for your audience and may hinder engagement. 

A few of the tools we use to stay on track of posting include or Both of these services allow you to pre-plan your posts ahead of time and schedule them to go live with just a few clicks. 

2. Use High-Quality Images.

Instagram is all about the visual experience. In contrast to social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, Instagram draws consumers because of its photograph-heavy base. This is why it is so important that you fill your account with high-quality images or anything eye-catching, crisp, and appealing to your audience. Check out this blog on How to Take Great Photos For Your Instagram Posts where we share a few tips on taking your iPhone photos to the next level. 

3. Focus On Captions.

If you were to evaluate a few of your favorite Instagram accounts, chances are you like them because of their images and you feel some sort of connection with them. That connection was most likely formed through their caption writing. Whether you are sharing something personal, informational, or humorous, your audience is looking to bond with you in some way. Focus on creating this bond in your caption. 

4. Know & Engage With Your Target Market.

Take time to get to know and engage with your market, or the ideal person you would like following you on Instagram. When you make an effort to figure out who your target market is and become as familiar with them as possible, your efforts on Instagram become a lot easier and you’ll see an increase in engagement and followers. 

Once you better understand your target market, you can create content specifically for them, you can write captions that are going to connect with them, you can post when you know they’re going to be on social media, and you can use hashtags that you’re certain they are interested in. 

Responding to comments left on your posts or going out of your way to comment and like posts on the pages of potential followers are other great ways to increase your following. These actions don’t take much effort but can be extremely beneficial. 

5. Implement A Strategy.

A simple strategy includes knowing when to post for your audience, researching and using hashtags that will increase your engagement, using consistent “call to action”, using photos or graphics that flow and are visually appealing, and creating captions that use a similar voice. These small, purpose-driven actions can make a massive difference in the success of your Instagram account.