We’re Not Your Typical Agency

You may already have an impression of what you think it would be like to work with a digital marketing agency. Marketing agencies have been popping up frequently over the last ten years and now come with their own set of stereotypes. Some stereotypes have been rightly earned and others are just misconceptions. Duo Marketing Group is a marketing agency that stands out from the crowd by breaking the classic stereotypes.

If you’ve looked into outsourced marketing services, you know you could spend a lot of money really fast. There are many agencies and marketing professionals who solve problems by throwing more money at the advertising platform every time they want to see another spike in sales or beat out a competitor. Here at Duo, we pride ourselves in being skilled enough to compete with your big budget competitors while working within your budget. This means that you can hire Duo and get professional level results from a full team of digital experts for less than paying an individual internal salary. 

After noticing the high price tag of some of these other agencies, the next thing to catch your attention was likely the long-term contract. Many agencies offer their services on the basis of a long-term contract because they want to lock you in. We dont believe in long-term contracts and we won’t make you sign one. We provide our services on a month to month basis because we are confident that our results will be more than enough to convince you to stay with us long term. 

As you compare the array of agencies out there, you may quickly be overwhelmed by phrases like PPC management, boosted posts, a/b multivariable testing, etc. In short, agencies love to bundle so many features together that sometimes you get things you may not even need. Our unique business model lets you choose the services you need and leave out the ones you don’t. We know every business is different and each business needs to take a different marketing approach. When we start working together, our marketing professionals will let you know what strategies we recommend you employ and which ones might not provide as much value in your situation. 

As a team, we want you to get what you sign up for. When you partner with Duo Marketing Group, our team becomes as invested in your success as you are. We know that running a business is a 24-hour occupation. When you work with Duo, we will give you the daily attention you deserve. A marketing professional will monitor your accounts around the clock and check daily to make sure your account metrics are where they need to be for you to be a competitor in your industry. 

If you are thinking of working with Duo Marketing Group, you should know you we are not your typical agency. When we work together, we see ourselves as a partner in your business and a partner in your success.