Who Would You Hire?

Business is built on the idea of competitive advantage. Simply put, people and organizations have different strengths and weaknesses. They have a competitive advantage when they are doing things they are relatively good at and they are at a competitive disadvantage when they are working in areas where they possess less aptitude. Often, the key to success is spending more of your time in the work you do really well and less of your time in activities where you are an average performer.

A quick search through LinkedIn reveals businesses hire a social media strategist for anywhere from $40,000-$60,000 a year. Anyone who has tried taking on their own digital advertising knows this is money well spent. At first you may think you’ll be the one to post, or you will assign it to one of your current employees, with the vision that once you start posting your revenue will increase. Soon you will realize two things: one, digital advertising campaigns take up a lot of time to manage, and two, posting as a business the same way you post on your personal social media account does not increase your monthly revenue. Any smart business owner will quickly move away from this approach because it doesn’t add any value unless you do it right, and it pulls them, or the person they assign, away from work that is adding value to the business. 

It’s easy to see why you would hire a specialist, but what kind of person would be able to step into that position and really make an impact on the performance of your business? Another quick scan of LinkedIn job postings show businesses are looking to hire someone as their digital marketing director with 3-7 years of experience in digital marketing in order to fill the position. This employee will be responsible for representing the company on Facebook, Google, and the official company website. They must be able to write, edit, design, photograph, andor film engaging content. And, perhaps most important, they need to understand market trends and know how to put all of these tools to work in a strategic digital advertising campaign. It would take an impressive individual to fill this role on their own, and it is no surprise to find out that many marketing managers will hire a support team or out source one or more of these specialties. 

Duo Marketing Group is a group of marketing specialists who have come together to operate as a full-service resource for your business. We have a combined 34 years of experience in social media management, 28 years in digital advertising, 12 years in copywriting, 14 years in web design and development, 23 years in photography, 10 years in videography, 11 years in print design, and 64 years in dedicated sales. Together, we’re prepared to bring expert level experience to the table as we help you grow your business.

No one knows your business like you do, and no one knows marketing like we do. By working together in what we each do well, we’ll be poised to tackle the market as the latest dynamic duo.