Why Is a Facebook Business Page Important?

If you have a Facebook business page or want to set one up for your business, it’s important to ensure you are creating consistently engaging content. This not only helps build brand awareness, but it also helps your followers to learn about what your business does and helps them to determine whether or not they will become a customer.


Duo’s Top Tips

  • Keep up with trending topics and use them in your posts. If you have done market research into what your ideal customer likes, their interests, geographical location, or how they spend their time, you will have the ability to post content from trending topics that you know will interest and engage them. Facebook’s news feed algorithm also rewards any content that is about trending topics.
  • Ask your audience a question. If you are wanting to encourage your followers to interact, a great way to do this is to ask a question. Whether it’s asking them a question related to the information shared or asking what they’d like to see more of, asking questions allows you to communicate with your audience. 
  • Go behind the scenes with a video. Whether it is a professional video or a behind-the-scenes shot, videos create a more realistic experience for viewers.  If you are sharing behind-the-scenes content, make sure the video is still a quality shot.
  • Allow followers to comment on your feed. This might go without saying, but you should enable visitors to write on your feed/posts. Disabling this feature prevents you from really interacting with your audience.
  • Use different kinds of content. As mentioned before, videos do really well on Facebook but that does not mean every post should be a video. Try incorporating blog posts, memes, educational posts, and if applicable, individual spotlight posts.
  • Don’t share Twitter posts on your Facebook page. You’re talking to different audiences with different needs and expectations. It’s fine to have an announcement you want to share across Facebook and Twitter, but rewrite it accordingly. 
  • Take advantage of engagement. If someone comments on a post, don’t just ignore it! Reply to them and have an actual conversation with your audience. 

Developing Facebook content can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will help you create great content for your business page and develop an engaged audience on Facebook.

Have you applied these tips in your own Facebook content creation? If so, which tip has helped you most? What are some other ways that people use these methods when they post on their own personal profiles? Let us know by commenting below!