Why Professional Design Matters

As we’ve talked to our clients recently, we’ve had a few conversations about the difference professional design has made for their business. Whether your company needs door hangers and fliers to be used out in public, or you’re based online and you just need a killer website and banner ads to get things going, quality design can make a big impact.

In one of these recent conversations with a client, we discussed the importance of a style guide. Their brand has a well-developed style and a style guide that has been shared company-wide. Simple fliers, invitations, and other internal communications follow this style guide along with everything we design for their marketing and promotions. Because everyone is following this style guide, their brand is known and well-established. Community members recognize their logo and the advertisements and educational materials they see from this brand. Did you know Duo can help you create a logo, establish your brand, or develop your company’s style guide?

In a study called The Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, 94% of the people involved in the study cited design problems as their reason for mistrust of the websites they viewed. Let me rephrase that for emphasis: Nearly 100% of people in this study mistrusted a health-related website because of the poor design of the site. So, it’s pretty safe to say that quality web design has quite an impact on the success of your business.

Now, think of your latest visit to the grocery store. As you walked down the aisle, which products did you notice? During my early college days, I worked at a local grocery store where they wanted to promote the generic brand of products because that brand had a partnership with the parent company and our profit margins were higher on those products. When a customer asked us where they could find spaghetti sauce, we were taught to guide them to the name brand and point out the generic brand and comment on how that brand tasted “just as good” but was more cost-effective. We were specifically asked to not use the word “cheap” or “cheaper”. Why? Because the packaging of the generic brand looked just like that – cheaper.

For a bargain shopper, this is actually very effective. They want to save money, so they’ll look for cheaper packaging. But when someone wants to make sure they’re buying quality, they’ll look for that in the packaging too. The design of your product packaging makes a huge difference in how it speaks to your target audience. We put a lot of effort into making sure we understand your target audience in all we do, but especially in how we design for your company.

These are only a few specific examples out of many, many reasons we could explain to you about why professional design matters, but we hope this started to drive the point home. Your customers, clients, and patients want an experience when they connect with your business. They want their engagement with you to be simple and meet their needs with minimal effort on their part. And you want to create a memorable experience that will help them want to come back and keep connecting with your business. Good design is an important part of the foundation of creating that experience.