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We provide the guidance, connections, and dynamic strategies that boost, grow, and recharge businesses of all sizes, in all industries.

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At Duo Marketing Group, we offer a full range of marketing and advertising services. Let’s team up to start making the connections that will increase your revenue and accomplish your business goals.

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Hey, we’re Duo Marketing Group. We’re determined to drive more traffic and revenue to a business or practice in your area. Our only question is, will it be yours?



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WE HAVE EXPERTISE YOU CAN COUNT ONSince 2010, Duo has remained at the forefront of the marketing industry.

WE “MAX OUT” YOUR BUDGET (IT’S A GOOD THING)We continually test & analyze campaigns to maximize your budget.

WE HELP YOU BUILD ENGAGING DIGITAL EXPERIENCESEye-catching & effective = our goal for every single campaign.

WE HELP YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET MARKETThen, we help you make the right 1st & 2nd impression.

WE’RE NEVER SATISFIED WITH “GOOD ENOUGH” – THERE IS ALWAYS MOREWe are constantly adapting & learning.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I absolutely love DUO Marketing Group and have worked with them for many years. They are extremely reliable and have been like our other hand. They are extremely professional with all of their services and have been invaluable to me. I have used them for social media, design, print, event planning and brand reputation. Additionally working with them is more than working with a marketing organization, it is like working with your close friends who want the best for you and your organization at all times.
Duo has always made our company feel like their top priority! They’re efficient and attentive, and their digital marketing strategies have been crucial to our online growth and success. Great work done by great people!
I have first hand experience working with Duo Group and I can say that they have the best, most talented team of people around! Working with them was a dream!
Incredibly talented team! They have the skills and know how I was looking for to take my social media to the next level!
What a great team! They are timely and professional. They work to meet deadlines even when there is a lack of planning on my part :slightly_smiling_face: They are a great asset to our community!


Our data-driven marketing strategies are built on a month-to-month basis. Like any good relationship, we’ll give you the daily attention you deserve.


Our unique a-la-carte service model allows you to use the services you need, and leave out the ones you don’t. Ready for more?

No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t believe in long-term contracts and you shouldn’t have to sign one. Use the services you want, for as long as you want. We’ll let our results speak for themselves.

Cheaper Than Hiring In-House

You’re better than amateur hour. For less than an internal salary, you can hire a full team of digital experts with serious experience in taking names, growing brands, and getting results.

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