Case Study: Lawn Doctor Lookalike Audiences

Here at Duo, we’re always analyzing our strategies to figure out what works best for each client. Today, we wanted to share a success story of one of our clients, Lawn Doctor of Cache Valley. Earlier this year, we created a lookalike audience to boost Lawn Doctor’s posts to using their email list of existing customers. The results have been incredible! Here are some graphs to visually represent what we’re talking about.

These first two graphs demonstrate the total reach of people who are seeing Lawn Doctor’s posts. Facebook’s new algorithm change is more selective about what will be shown in the feeds of those who follow your brand, so that created a unique challenge when comparing the total reach. The top graph is the total reach of Lawn Doctor’s posts before we created and started boosting to our lookalike audience. We’ve shown October through December. The second graph is January through March. During these months, we started using the lookalike audience to boost Lawn Doctor’s messages to a more specified audience who had shown interest in the brand before now. Take a look at the numbers on the total reach axis. On the graph that represents the reach of a more targeted boosting strategy, the graph goes all the way up to 5k. On the graph for October through December, the graph tops out at 3k. When you take that into consideration, the two graphs are drastically different and it’s easy to see how much Lawn Doctor’s reach has improved since creating their lookalike audience.

The last two sets of data are pretty self-explanatory. The second set of data is January through March, where we boosted to our lookalike audience. The number of reactions more than doubled to Lawn Doctor’s posts during this time period.

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