Keeping your brand “social” on social media


Here at Duo, we are firm believers that one of the reasons social media marketing is so effective for a brand is that it provides an opportunity for a consumer/client to create a “relationship” with a brand. People don’t go on social media because they want to be sold to, they want to interact, create connections, and be social! We’ve come up with a few tips for how to keep your social media accounts “social” and interactive so that your clients and consumers can create a personal relationship with your brand.

  • Respond to comments – especially negative ones.
    Responding well to negative comments on your posts/page/timeline/etc. can go a long way. Huggies is a really good example to follow of how to appropriately respond to negative feedback on Facebook. We’re big fans of turning negative feedback into a positive experience for the client or customer and it’s great PR too. Responding to comments helps the follower know that you care about their feedback – for better or for worse.
  • Post “personal” content.
    We don’t mean that you need to share your home address or social security number on your brand’s timeline. But we do mean that you should show your face on occasion. It’s much easier to connect with a brand when there’s a face behind the brand. Picture and video content continue to be the highest performing types of content across social media platforms. Let people feel like they can “get to know” the CEO of your brand and create a relationship of trust.
  • Reach out to other brands and potential customers/clients.
    Many of the brands I personally follow on Twitter are brands who reached out to me first. Creating a connection and a relationship of trust can happen the same way in “real life” as it does on social media. Find things in common, communicate, share… they don’t call your Facebook connections “friends” without reason. LinkedIn is one of the most important places to really interact with your followers.

What other tips would you include?