Let’s Talk About Color!

Color has a huge impact on how we experience the physical and digital world, but does color really matter when it comes to marketing your business? From all of us here at Duo Marketing Group, we say, “YES!”

Color plays a vital part in our conscious decision making, but it makes even more of an impact in our subconscious decision making. When color is used correctly, it triggers an emotional response to your product or service. This can produce a quick decision to buy your product or schedule an appointment with you. If there is no emotion involved, your potential customer/patient is more likely to move on to find something else or will tell themselves they need to think about it before buying or using your service.

What are the colors trying to tell us?

  • Black is a very professional color, but is also the signature color of sophistication and high expense. (Hello, little black dress.)
  • Yellow creates a passion for life. This color can also bring a greater confidence and optimism to your product or service.
  • Red creates emotion, passion, and urgency. Think of the emotions you get when you see that big red “ON SALE” sign above the Oreos in aisle 5… Oh, you don’t get those emotions about Oreos on sale? Must just be the Duo team.
  • Blue promotes trust, security, and builds relationships. This is a great color to use for healthcare and tech industries.
  • Purple is a great balancing act between the passion of red and the stability of blue. This color helps convey a combination of the two.
  • Orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement. Hence why Duo’s main color is orange.

It’s not just the uniqueness of the color that is important. Color contrast is also a factor in how these colors perform for your brand. The ultimate goal is to make things easily seen. Generally, you want to keep it simple and use high contrast. (Dark on light or light on dark.) Do you wonder if your color choices are working for your business? We say, “Test, test, test!”