Social Media KPIs You Should Track on Instagram

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Social Media

Social media platforms have provided business owners with a new and improved platform to entice the current generation with their products and services. While hundreds of social platforms are available for generating leads and traffic and increasing sales, only a few make the cut, and currently, Instagram is on top. 

If you want to tap into this vast market and increase sales and conversions, you need a proper plan for assessing your company’s performance. You can do this only by setting and measuring KPIs.

KPIs (key performance indicators) are measurable values that demonstrate performance for a specific objective over a period of time by the business. They help businesses track their progress and reach their targets within a timeframe. 

This article will discuss the essential social media KPIs you should track on Instagram. Let’s get started!

Top Instagram KPIs to Track 


Reach is a typical Instagram metric that most of you would be familiar with; it refers to the number of unique visitors that saw your Instagram post or content. Often, people confuse reach and impressions and group them, although they are entirely different.

Impressions refer to the number of times the Instagram audience viewed your content. A single user’s reach will only be counted once, whereas a single user’s impression will be counted as much as they have replayed the content. Thus, your impressions will be generally higher than reach.

If you are a new business trying to build awareness, then you need to focus on reach as a KPI. Instagram also offers granular insights around reach, such as the content that reaches followers or non-followers and the city and region it was viewed in the most. Thus, you can easily conclude your target audience in that area and increase marketing efforts. 

Reel Engagement

Did you know that reels are the fastest-growing feature on Instagram? Reels are top-rated due to their viral nature and are the most viewed post type on Instagram. Businesses can use reels for product launches, tutorials, and guides. To track reel engagement KPI, you need to track metrics such as likes, comments, views, and reach.

Best Posting Times 

One of the most significant Instagram KPIs to track in 2022 is the best posting times. You will only generate more views and reach when you post while your audience is online and active. Thus, to find out this information, head over to Instagram’s audience insights and review when your followers are most active. The information is broken down into days of the week and even the most active hours of the day. 

By posting when your followers are online, you can generate stronger results and boost your post to reach a wider audience. Remember, as your followers increase, the best posting time changes, so regularly check and make changes to your content calendar. 

Follower Growth Rate

Another important Instagram KPI to track to increase your business credibility is the follower growth rate. This insight gives you information about how many people follow your account, the pace of your follower growth, and how quickly you lose or gain followers. This is important because a business or profile with more followers seems authentic, and customers are not suspicious about trying their products or services. 


By tracking Instagram KPIs, you can stay on top of your marketing campaign, identify new trends, and make changes to increase sales and conversions. KPI measurement is essential for your business’s success and growth. If you are looking for growth agencies to help drive results, reach out to the Duo Marketing Group and bridge the gap between customer and brand.

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